JFK’s rosary beads up for auction 50 years after his death – and they could fetch $1 MILLION

Jefferson St., Springfield. Bringing blessings Having a congregation of approximately 300, Pleasant Hill Christian Church donates to several missions worldwide, including a childrens home in Kenya and Asia-Pacific International. Our church uses 15 percent of our offerings towards missions around the world in the community, Fletcher said. The Montgomery County church has been working with different missions in Haiti since 1997. In December 2011, its affiliation began with Mioche Rock of New Mission Systems International.
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Ancient Egyptians forged jewelry beads with meteorites from space

Kennedy, who was killed in Dallas, view site… Texas almost fifty years ago on November 22, 1963, is America’s only Catholic president. The rosary was given to David Powers, Kennedy’s best friend and special assistant before his assassination. John F. Kennedy, with his wife, Jacqueline, as he holds their daughter, Caroline, outside their home in Hyannis David J. Powers, who inherited the beads from his father, said: “My father was in the fateful motorcade in Dallas, right behind President Kennedy’s vehicle.
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It would have helped to kick-start the transition from Bronze Age more info to Iron Age, Rehren said. When finally, at the end of the Bronze Age, people invented iron smelting … they had already the knowledge handed down from generation to generation, he explained. Its unclear why the Egyptians would have bothered working with this metal before the dawn of the Iron Age. Egyptian texts a millennium after these beads were made referred to metal from the sky, which historians have taken to mean meteoritic iron. And the Russian meteor that streaked over Siberia earlier this year came in with quite a bang, Rehren noted, so perhaps the source of this strange metal was patently obvious at the time.
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