Enterprise wants subsidized rent to move into city garage

The Omni Jacksonville Hotel

With every move, you discover things: the neighborhoods you like, the sorts of kitchens you prefer, and the fact that popcorn ceilings drive you crazy. You’re in a great position to buy. You know what you want, what you don’t want, and what you’d love to have. view website Renting ties you down until your lease expires and you’re free to move. But moving can be a hassle – a huge hassle – and that’s one reason why renters often become buyers. Do you really want to live in a place where you may be forced to move because your landlord wants to move in?
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Las Vegas is growing

The Downtown Investment Authority was asked to approve the deal Monday night — just 24 hours before it is slated to be voted on by the full council and days after two City Council committees already approved it. The authority board tweaked the deal before signing off on it, but there’s no guarantee its input will make it in front of the full council, although Councilwoman Lori Boyer , the DIA liaison to council, said she would request the bill be re-referred to committee so members can consider the changes. The board changed the deal to say that renewals after the first five-year term would be done at market rates instead of the minor increases outlined in the current lease a a move that prompted an ultimatum from an Enterprise spokesman. The spokesman said that although the company is on a month-to-month lease in its Omni location, “locked-in terms with 20 years is the only way we will sign leases,” because of Enterprise’s investment in building out the storefront. The lease would be a five-year deal with three five-year renewal options for 1,081 square feet of storefront space and 26 parking spaces in the Main Library garage at 33 W.
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