Shattering Shower Doors

– Elmhurst, IL Distributor, Manufacturer, Custom Manufacturer, Service Company Manufacturer of special machined magnets for visual control systems & shower doors. Types of magnets include ceramic, alnico, neodymium & samarium cobalt magnets. Ceramic magnets are available in shapes including discs, rings, rectangles & blocks. Alnico magnets are available in shapes including rods, square bars, channel, button & horseshoes. Neodymium magnets are available in shapes including rings, discs & rods & rectangles & squares. Samarium cobalt magnets are available in shapes including discs & rectangles.
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One is a small crack, like the one in your windshield, that just slowly grows out like a spider web. When it hits a certain part of the glass where all those internal tensions are residing then everything blows up. He also says towel bars might not be installed properly. Or, doors may not slide on the tracks correctly. These can cause pressure over time. Finally, there could be a problem during the manufacturing process if a microscopic grain of nickel sulfide gets trapped inside the glass. This manufacturing defect is a ticking time bomb. Faster than an eye blink the entire piece of glass is obliterated into a thousand pieces and then it drops. We checked with the Consumer Product Safety Commission and more than 60-complaints since 2004 involve reports of injuries, surgeries and settlements because of exploding shower doors.
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Glass Shower Door Explodes All Over Consumer Journalist

Here are some important maintenance tips to make sure your tempered glass doors dont blow up: Make sure all the panels are tightly affixed to the door system. Every so often make sure the fasteners on the shower door hardware are tight and snug. Check the bumpers and seals to make sure the glass panel doesnt touch the wall or metal when you move it. Check the door for chips or cracks, especially edges, notches and holes.
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Glass shower door an attractive and safe choice

This luxurious shower design by Century Bathworks, Inc., features a custom Century Frameless steam shower door in brushed bronze, shown with an optional towel bar, robe hook and steam vent.

They went upstairs to investigate and in their empty bathroom they found their glass shower door inexplicably shattered and lying in perilous shards all over the bathroom. “It sounded like popcorn,” Kucharik told ABC News, recalling the crackling noise that emanated from the shards. “It was as if someone took a sledgehammer and hit it.” Bewildered and unsure of what to do next, he started to clean up the floor with towels and cardboard. He tapped the top of the seven-foot door’s frame lightly when “a large chunk of glass” suddenly fell and slashed him in the leg.
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Consumer Beware: Glass Shower Doors Can Shatter Suddenly

PHOTO: Shattered glass shower door

“On the high end of design, especially in master baths, people are choosing tall, frameless glass,” Raleigh said. “It shows off great tile and nice faucets and offers a more comfortable shower, making people feel less confined.” But unlike the framed type, frameless doors have thicker glass to stabilize them, which drives up the cost. They typically require 1/4- to 3/4-inch-thick glass. “The advantage of a framed door, obviously, is the price point,” said Raleigh. “A 3/8-inch-thick framed slider may cost 30 to 40 percent less than a frameless design for the same size opening,” added James Carriero, project manager at Master Kitchens and Baths, Fair Lawn ( Frame and Glass Options The right metal frame can even enhance your design, because you can customize the finish to match your other bath hardware.
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