Housekeepers Wiping Away Carbon Footprint

Doris B. Jordan

Other ingredients to avoid for many reasons include diethanolamine (DEA), triethanolamine (TEA), 1,4-dioxane, ethoxylated alcohols, butyl cellosolve (aka ethylene glycol monobutyl ether), and p-nonylphenol. Meanwhile, the fragrances added to many cleaning products can cause respiratory irritation, headaches and other symptoms in those with chemical sensitivities, allergies or asthma. And since fragrance formulas are considered trade secrets, manufacturers arent required to disclose constituent ingredients, leaving even educated consumers in the dark regarding what kind of nasty chemicals they may be spreading around their homes just to, ironically, make their cleaning products smell less chemically. Fortunately there are plenty of safer alternatives available today, but deciding which ones are truly healthier or just designed to look that way isnt so easy. Thats where the Environmental Working Group (EWG) comes in.
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Household cleaning products

In addition to new cleaning solutions, some housekeeping staff are also testing new microfiber cleaning cloths that better absorb fat and grease, attract dust and sanitizes up to 99 percent of surface contaminants. The average microfiber cloth is useable through 600 wash cycles, reducing the number of materials thrown away and replacement costs. Housekeepers have begun using upright vacuums that clean more efficiently and in half the time. Photo by Bryan Roth.
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Pressure Washer is suited for construction equipment cleaning.

Original Press Release USA Daimer Offers Pressure Washer for Construction Equipment Cleaning Daimer Industries, Inc., the world’s leading supplier of ruggedly-designed pressure washer machines, professional auto detailing systems, and more, is shipping the Super Max 12500 PE, a propane-heated and propane-powered commercial pressure washer with tri-mode temperature settings. The machine is ideal for outdoor cleaning applications in areas where electricity is not easily available, such as on construction sites. The 12500 PE’s temperature levels up to 330F and pressures of 3000 psi at flow rates of 5 gpm can help quickly eliminate rigid deposits of dirt, grease, and many other substances stuck to construction machinery, and without causing any damage to the equipment surfaces. Construction equipment owners invest a lot money in heavy-duty machinery, which if not properly maintained, may result in huge repair costs. To keep excavators, dozers, scrapers, dump trucks, house cleaning service houston and tractor trailers in good shape, superior-quality hot water pressure washer systems are required, states Matthew Baratta, spokesperson of Daimer Industries, Inc..
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Rust Removal for Less: My Cleaning Products Introduces Product for Inexpensive Rust Treatment and Offers Sample of It

And wanting to help make that happen with much less expense, My Cleaning Products introduced the use of its organic-based rust removal spray Rusterizer. It also offered samples of it to prove that it truly works. Moisture is what triggers the formation of rust or corrosion. Even just a little of it could already prompt metal-made items to flake and turn brownish. The fact that it is everywhere everyday makes rust a common occurrence. However, My Cleaning Products said that just because rust is common doesn’t mean that everyone should just let its formation.
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